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​Alopecia can be described as any form of hair​ loss from thinning hair to sporadic patches, partial hair loss to full hair loss. It is an autoimmune disease, which means the body is attacking itself and see hair as a foreign object.​​​​

It”s advisable to contact your Doctor to investigatet the cause of your hairloss. It may be symptomatic of an underlying condition, a side effect of medication or a reaction to a stressful event.

Once you have investigated the cause of your hairloss you can begin the healing process. However this may mean that there is no cure and you may have to face up living with the condition.

It is not a decision that one takes lightly,many of our clients have been battling with hairloss for years and have toyed with the notion of wearing a wig or hairpiece.

When they do eventually make a consultation they are amazed at the immediate impact. Often these Wigs are worn to occasions, weddings, social outings, and removes the stress often surrounding these events.

Also with the advent of hair extensions and celebrities wearing wigs and hair pieces the stigma has been removed and become fashionable to wear them-although in most cases no one is none the wiser!

Our consultations are free of charge and it is always good to talk and explore all your options.


We have partial wigs in all sizes and colors that can be easily attached and styled to integrate .into your own hair. This way you may not need to use a full wig.​

We have great success to date.

One of our client with Alopecia for over 20 years and now approaching her 86th birthday decided to do something about it. It was so good to see this wonderful lady’s confidence instantly soar,her only regret was she didn’t do it sooner.

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